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Penetration Testing

SANS Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking training courses teach the methodologies, techniques, and tactical tools of modern adversaries. Offensively-focused hands-on education is an essential foundation for all information security practitioners; knowing how to attack gives keen insight into proper defensive, vulnerability assessment, forensic and incident response processes. For seasoned and skilled penetration testing professionals, SANS offers advanced and intensive hands-on training of exploitation development, Metasploit kung-fu, wireless and mobile device hacking, and coding custom payloads in Python for penetration testing.

SANS Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking training is where you will learn to properly and professionally break things, figure out how and why they work, and put them back together to make them better than before.

"Once again SANS has exceeded my expectations and successfully re-focused my view of threats and risks. I recommend this course because it is very enlightening." - Charles Allen, EM Solutions, Inc

The SANS Promise is "You will be able to apply our information security training the day you get back to the office!"