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Join Your Community at a SANS Cyber Security Summit

Elevate your knowledge, skills, and industry connections at an upcoming SANS Summit. Summits bring together cyber security practitioners and leading experts to share and discuss case studies, lessons learned, new tools, and innovative strategies to improve cyber security and overcome challenges in a particular focus area or industry. As an attendee, you'll walk away from your two-day Summit experience with a fresh perspective and new tools that you can immediately leverage in your work.

"I've managed to learn something I didn't know from nearly every session, and I've been made aware of additional tools or methodologies that will help". - Dallas Moore, PepsiCo

The SANS Promise: You Will Be Able to Use Our Cyber Security Training the Day You Get Back to the Office!

At a Summit, the SANS promise is upheld by connecting you with cyber security practitioners and experts that deliver applicable content based on real-world experience. Through in-depth presentations, panel discussions, interactive workshops, and sharing forums, you'll collaborate with fellow cyber security practitioners to generate solutions and uncover tools that will help you protect your organization from ever-evolving threats.

In-Depth Presentations

Summits feature a series of talks about specific tools, proven techniques, and innovative strategies. These presentations utilize case studies and demonstrations that make them as dynamic as they are useful. Speakers and presentations are reviewed and selected by the Summit's chair(s) along with its advisory board to ensure the material proposed gives attendees actionable information they can implement immediately.

Panel Discussions

There are often many approaches to the same problem, but this is especially true in cyber security. Panel discussions bring together leading experts to discuss and debate a specific topic of interest. These discussions will expose you to different perspectives and experiences so that you can gain a more comprehensive view of the topic at hand. Throughout a panel discussion, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and challenge a viewpoint. The interaction between audience and panelists is what makes these sessions so valuable.

Interactive Workshops

Workshops provide you the opportunity to walk though realistic scenarios with your peers and generate action plans. Workshops are led by experts and use case studies to help attendees examine a scenario and make decisions based on the information provided.

Sharing Forums

Summits include sessions designed to give you the chance to share ideas, success stories, and lessons learned. Whether this is done through lightning talks, Video Wars, networking lunches, or live debates, you'll get the perspective of other attendees who are facing the same challenges you are.

"The great value of this Summit is the variety of views from which real-world experience is relayed." - Mark Stingley, University of Texas; DFIR Summit

Network with Leading Experts and Fellow Cyber Security Professionals

In addition to two days of razor-focused Summit content, you'll have the chance to engage with fellow attendees at dedicated networking sessions and social events. The "Summit Night Out!" event gives attendees a chance to unwind after a day full of Summit sessions and enjoy an evening of networking, food, drinks, and social activities. Attendees tell us time and again that one of the greatest takeaways from a SANS Summit is the many industry connections they forge or deepen during their time with us.

Enhance Your Summit Experience with a Closely Aligned SANS Course

Before or after each Summit, you can choose from closely aligned SANS courses to help you expand your information security expertise. SANS courses are taught by experienced practitioners who are among the best cyber security instructors in the world. They will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to defend your organization.

Upcoming Summit Series Events
Event Location Date
Purple Team Summit & Training 2019 Las Colinas, TX Oct 21, 2019 -
Oct 28, 2019
SANS Training at Wild West Hackin Fest Deadwood, SD Oct 22, 2019 -
Oct 23, 2019
Cloud & DevOps Security Summit & Training 2019 Denver, CO Nov 4, 2019 -
Nov 11, 2019
European Security Awareness Summit 2019 London, United Kingdom Nov 18, 2019 -
Nov 21, 2019
Pen Test HackFest Summit & Training 2019 Bethesda, MD Nov 18, 2019 -
Nov 25, 2019
SANS Cyber Threat Summit 2019 London, United Kingdom Nov 25, 2019 -
Nov 26, 2019
SANS Threat Hunting & IR Europe Summit & Training 2020 London, United Kingdom Jan 13, 2020 -
Jan 19, 2020
Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit & Training 2020 Arlington, VA Jan 20, 2020 -
Jan 27, 2020
Open-Source Intelligence Summit & Training 2020 Alexandria, VA Feb 18, 2020 -
Feb 24, 2020
Blue Team Summit & Training 2020 Louisville, KY Mar 2, 2020 -
Mar 9, 2020
ICS Security Summit & Training 2020 Orlando, FL Mar 2, 2020 -
Mar 9, 2020
Cloud Security Summit & Training 2020 Frisco, TX May 27, 2020 -
Jun 3, 2020
SANS ICS Europe Summit & Training 2020 Munich, Germany Jun 8, 2020 -
Jun 13, 2020
Security Operations Summit and Training 2020 New Orleans, LA Jun 23, 2020 -
Jun 30, 2020

Event set up in process - please check back soon for further event information and registration.