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NetWars: Press

  • Announcing a New Series of Winners from Mini-NetWars Mission 4
    You can view the leaderboards from the recent Mini-NetWars series of CTF events on the NetWars Hall of Fame page.

  • Key industries train to thwart cyber attacks
    In a small hotel meeting room a few blocks from the White House, employees from power plants, factories, airports and oil refineries hunched over their laptops as they worked frantically to stop cyber terrorists from firing a rocket launcher into the heart of a picturesque American town. It was just a training drill with pretend hackers and a model "cyber city" made of plastic and wood. But, for the participants, the lesson zeroed in on a threat that is becoming increasingly real.

  • Look How Cute this Military Cyber Warfare Training Ground Is
    Ed Skoudis is the SANS Pen Test Curriculum Lead and the director of the SANS CyberCity project, an innovative training ground and cyber range. Listen to the full story of CyberCity on this episode of NPR's New Tech City.

  • Are we really facing cyberwar?

  • CyberCity allows government hackers to train for attacks
    Washington Post: CyberCity allows government hackers to train for attacks CyberCity has all the makings of a regular town. There's a bank, a hospital and a power plant. A train station operates near a water tower. The coffee shop offers free WiFi. But only certain people can get in: government hackers preparing for battles in cyberspace.

  • Search Security: NetWars CyberCity missions to improve critical infrastructure protection
    Whether or not you subscribe to the notion that a potentially cataclysmic cyberwar is just around the corner, the need to train people to defend systems that control our nation's critical infrastructure is inarguable.

  • Network World: Want to develop cybersecurity skills? Try SANS Institute's NetWars
    SANS Institute started the NetWars Tournament project about two years ago in response to a dearth of skilled cybersecurity experts. NetWars is a multi-level training program and fun competition that helps you develop and master skills pertaining to cybersecurity.

  • GCN - Cyber Challenge to find skilled workers
    With the demand for cybersecurity professionals estimated to grow to 2.5 million new workers by 2015, a coalition of government and private industry organizations set a goal two years ago of identifying and recruiting 10,000 people with the native skills required for success in the field and providing a career path for them.

  • GCN - CYBEREYE Oregon sysadmin wins SANS NetWars competition
    NetWars is a cornerstone of the U.S. Cyber Challenge, a multi-pronged effort to identify, develop and recruit the thousands of people with the native skills to supply the nation's cybersecurity workforce needs.

  • SANS Institute's NetWar challenge takes on the US military
    "Between one and three times per month we run a NetWars tournament at a military base. It has been used by several branches of the US military to identify skills and help their folks fine-tune their skills," Skoudis told Infosecurity.

  • SANS NetWars launched in Europe
    The contest will be NetWars first launched in Europe in the SANS London 2011 , the largest event to raise the skills of IT security. Participants compete in NetWars reconstituted medium enterprises in the real test their skills to protect, analyze, and attack, doing the real skills they need to succeed in protecting their organizations.

  • U.S. Cyber Challenge Launches Third Cyber Quest Contest
    The U.S. Cyber Challenge (USCC) today announced registration for the third competition in its series of Cyber Quests, a national online competition allowing participants to demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of information security disciplines.

  • NetWars interactive cyber security challenge in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
    The SANS Institute today announced the location of its next NetWars interactive cyber security challenge: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. More than 100 security professionals will put their cyber security expertise to the test by taking part in the NetWars challenge held in conjunction with SANS Network Security 2011.