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Core NetWars Tournament


Industry-relevant and innovative, Core NetWars Tournament is the ultimate cybersecurity range for powering up your skills in a fun, multi-disciplinary, and collaborative environment.

What's New in Core NetWars Tournament 6

Over a year in the making, Core NetWars Tournament 6 is our biggest and best NetWars Tournament ever. This all-new experience includes:

  • An entirely new set of challenges and hints at every level
  • A new immersive theme and engaging storyline
  • The latest and greatest technologies and attack methods that enterprises are exposed to today including web application firewall hardening, multi-factor authentication bypass, and PowerShell challenges.

Core NetWars Tournament 6 Topics

  • Web application firewall hardening - and bypass
  • Multi-factor authentication bypass - four flavors!
  • Packet crafting
  • Network traffic capture and analysis
  • Windows event log analysis
  • PowerShell challenges
  • ECB block shuffling
  • Host-based firewall tuning
  • NTP client / time shift attack
  • File forensics
  • Crypto-jacking removal
  • Common CMS vulnerability exploitation
  • SQLi
  • Golden ticket exploitation

Study multi-factor authentication methods and weaknesses hands-on.

Learn electronic code book shuffling, visually.

Establish web application firewall rules to block malicious input.

Featured Capabilities:

  • ☑ Play solo or on a team of up to 5 players.
  • ☑ Designed for all skill levels, from novice to advanced.
  • ☑ Apply what you've learned in class in a safe and interactive environment.
  • ☑ Earn recognition on our real-time scoreboard.
  • ☑ Level up your knowledge using a fully loaded Automated Hint System.
  • ☑ Sharpen your skills with game-based training that is fun and engaging.


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"Very impressed with SANS NetWars. The material is relevant and educational, and the tournament-style play is remarkably engaging. I really like the scoring system and scoreboard."

Adam Tice, Lockheed Center for Cyber Security

"Learned a lot and had a lot of fun."

Gustavo Bobbio, Amazon

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